What I’ve learned about Lecrae, Andy and others

For the last few years we’ve been seeing more of a public shift in methodology and target audience from Christians in the music arena, namely LeCrae. He has been the focus of controversy and has received positive and negative criticism from the masses. One of those negative critics has been myself. I disagree with some of the methods that LeCrae and others are using yet I am not here for that. Sorry to disappoint.
I’ve noticed to often that we as Christians can become so focused on our disagreements between brethren that we forget to encourage and love them. Regardless of what some may feel about LeCrae and company they are brothers in Christ, which means Christ died for their sins. They are his bride and Christ loves them which means we should love them as well.
Im encouraged, impressed and have learned much from the reach camp. First, they are members of a local body. LeCrae and Andy aren’t running around with no direction. They are accountable to elders and brothers whom they trust to keep them in line. Social media gives us a voice and at times the delusion that says brothers are personally accountable to us when they aren’t in our local body.
I am encouraged that even though they may reject the title Christian rapper or Gospel artist, they haven’t rejected being identified as Christians and members of Christ’s body. Their music is clearly from a Biblical worldview.The artists on reach records clearly speak on the Lord. Some projects are more explicit than others but it’s all christian content.
I’m impressed from a business standpoint. These men are professionals who take their craft seriously and are hard workers. They make excellent music to the glory of God. The production, engineering, lyrics and subject matter are all done with skill. As Christians we should all strive not just for great content but great artistry also. We shouldn’t be content to release something just because it’s about Jesus. Reach has sold tons of records and continues to break barriers with their movement. Whether people like it or not God has them in this spot and they aren’t going anywhere.
I am encouraged by their willingness to reach the lost. They’re in places where many of us can’t and meet people many of us won’t. They’re investing in people’s lives and I can’t knock them for this. We need Christians everywhere being a light where God has called them. Some may be in politics, film, music, the marketplace, schools and etc. What reach and others like them are doing is causing us to get out of our comfort zones. It’s easy to hide behind social media and judge the Grammy awards or the lives of sinners. It’s much harder to invest in their lives and actually love them and be a light to them.
I admire their zeal and commitment. These are brothers who love the Lord. They seem to have really thought out the decisions they are making and have given answers on how they feel they are able to do what they do. They constantly receive criticism for everything. Lecrae has tattoos, he has earrings, he was at mtv, Andy is on sway,Andy took a picture with 50 cent. Everyone has something to say on every move they make yet they continue to push forward and follow their convictions.
In conclusion,I’ve been tremendously blessed by Lecrae, Andy and others. I look forward to hearing kb`s 100 ep and Tedashii`s new album. I praise God for using these brothers and pray he continues to do so. I challenge those who constantly and publicly Criticize them with this question. What is more frequent in your life? Is it prayer for them or criticism? Have you wept for them in your concern? If you haven’t and aren’t genuinely praying then most likely you aren’t concerned for them. Let us encourage brothers like Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Sho baraka and others who we don’t see eye to eye with on everything, and not criticize them on everything just because we can. Am I saying to never criticize? Certainly not but I am saying don’t let your criticism be an excuse to slander, gossip and treat Christ’s bride like a harlot because she is beautiful in his eyes. Lecrae is not the standard neither am I. Let us look to Christ and be obsessed with him. Grace and peace.


  1. I agree, mostly, brother which is why I personally don’t really post about it. They actually discourage me though. I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes and I’m not to make a judgment about that. However what goes on in front of the scenes is not being unashamed as they claim. I do love their music though and pray that what is going on when the world isn’t watching is true biblical evangelism even though I would love to see it while the world is watching. I’m not trying to bash them either just pointing out what I see just hoping and praying that the 116 wouldn’t just be a name for a group but a way of life.

    Soli Deo Gloria!

  2. Thanks for this rebuke and challenge brother.. I’ve been more critical than anything towards them because they aren’t putting out what “I” define as the standard. However, it’s childish of me to do such a thing. Thank you for blessing me brother. I look forward to your new work.

  3. Amen brother. Thank you for sharing

  4. Great article bro. Thanks.

  5. Good post, brother. I recently preached on Ephesians 4 and the ministry of the body. v.15 speaks about speaking truth in love.
    Truth in love is difficult. Truth refers to gospel truth. The whole gospel to the whole man. So it means speaking to one another how the gospel applies to different areas of our lives.
    The love part speaks to our source and motivation, doesn’t it? Loving ensures that whatever we say to one another is presented in a way that ensures the truth is received. The gospel truth, even when it is presented in rebuke, should be presented in a way that is harmonious with the restorative nature of the essence of the gospel. In a way, to not present the truth in a gospel-loving way is not to present the whole truth.
    May God bless your efforts to build and be built by the reach folks and other believers who share a similar calling as yours, and may you all bring clarity to walking in love as imitators of Christ for all our edification, and ultimately the glory of God.

    in the love of Christ,

  6. Brother,
    Thank you for this post. I think for a while I had held disgust for these guys in my heart when I should have been more loving. I mean, who made me the judge? Thank you for taking the time out to remind us that we are all members of one body. I will now ‘start’ praying for Lecrae and his friends. Praise the Lord!


  7. Great post very thought provoking. I think for many it is easier to nitpick a thing and be impatient with our brothers and sisters. However, as you said sometimes we need to genuinely pray and letnit be until such time God does only what He can do. Convict the heart. #SDG

  8. Its a great to hear encouragement. Reach Records haven’t got much of it lately. Lets continue to pray for Reach Records and that many will come to know the awesome Ruler. Thanks Jovan


  9. It is not criticism when utilizing the Word. We have Scriptural permission. The question lies in the motive of our heart when we question or rebuke an individual.

    2 Timothy 3:16-17
    16 All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, 17 that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.

  10. Praise God for this!!!! I commend you Jovan for having the courage to change from a staunchly held position you once had and to do it publicly. Nice.

  11. God is moving in those brothers and you are 100% correct everyone will not agree on their methods but we all agree that Jesus is Lord! We should pray for and uplift our brothers in Christ. I thank God for Lecrae and the Reach movement. I also thank God for brothers like you who are bold enough to be honest about both sides. God is sovereign in who He decides will be in positions of power and authority and I humbly accept what God allows! Be Blessed Jovan, keep doing music and keep glorifying God!

  12. This is a mature post, Jovan-very even-handed. We all know where you stand theologically in contrast to these artists. It’s a good thing to be an encourager. If they are brothers in Christ, then we need to treat them as such. It’s always easier to jump on a bandwagon and be overly-critical. You’re in a better position than anyone to have a sober and realistic assessment of these men. That gives you much more credibility than others.

    I can’t imagine the pressures on Christian musicians in your field of expertise. Be encouraged yourself. I love your music and integrity. You are loved, as well.

  13. Thank you for the post, my brother; it is something that needs to be said. I, too, have prayed for Lecrae and others while at the same time grieved at some of the choices made. I believe all of us have made similar choices. If I could just add one aspect to this that may seem negative is this; as an artist out there among the unsaved, while I truly believe he is investing into their lives for the glory of God and salvation (if it is in God’s sovereign will), when you are in the forefront of a ministry and begin making public statements and proclamations that tend to water down the gospel or the faith, it has an effect in more ways than we realize. I myself have done that, repented, and try to go forward, but have personally seen the effects of mixed messages to the unsaved concerning the nature of Christ and salvation. While I by no means don’t think Lecrae is not a brother, I must also realize that not every exhortation is a personal attack, but a personal plea from one brother to another to be careful. There are many in the secular hip hop community that have probably heard the gospel from Lecrae, but there are also many that just like his flow as a rapper who happens to be a Christian. They don’t mind his Christian “thing” because he seems to get along with them, even to the point of collaboration. While I applaud Reach Record and Lecrae fro many of the things they do in the name of Christ, sometimes they publicly belittle His name and gospel with vagueness and acceptance of the unsaved that actually may make those that are unsaved in that industry comfortable in their sin because they feel comfortable to Lecrae. I apologize if I speak out of turn because I’m not around Lecrae to see the fruit of his labor, and while I don’t jump on everything he does, I am also to be discerning about even the subtle errors that pop up because it gives ground for stronger ones. I have no idea the pressures you all face in the Christian hip hop realm, but at the same time, all believers will face some sort of pressure or opposition in our lives. Even the Christian garbage man will be faced with a decision of moral integrity or challenge to preach the gospel rightly, and they, too, must be accountable to God for what they said or didn’t say.

    I will end this on a personal note. Many years ago my wife and I were getting our car fixed and stopped off at a Burger King to get a bite to eat. It was quiet and a young man behind the counter waited on us. I have Christian caps with gospel messages, etc. on them and was wearing one that day. My wife and I ate, later left, and both confessed that we were moved to tell that young man about the Lord but didn’t. Why; maybe fear or laziness, but we didn’t. We were polite, told him, “God bless,” and by all appearances, acted in moral fashion testifying to our faith. (I think I even left a tract, but I can’t remember.) Anyway, we went back a week later to have lunch again and saw a newspaper clipping laminated on the counter showing that the young man had died in an automobile accident that week. We never knew if anyone else gave him the gospel or if he’s in heaven or not, but it is always a reminder to me to proclaim the truth whenever we have the platform because, though we actually have opportunities all the time, a clear cut platform presents itself in ways that are so clear. The point I’m making is, there are many high profile Christians that have a platform and sometimes we miss that opportunity because of…well, who knows. My prayer for Lecrae, Reach Records, and myself is that we keep proclaiming the truth of the gospel when we can, but when we miss that opportunity or misuse that platform, let’s be careful not to also judge the hearts of those judging us because this is truly life and death and you never know who needed to hear that gospel message when the platform was presented. Let’s take that criticism, examine ourselves, and repent if we were wrong in some areas, because it ‘s not always meant to hurt, but to actually exhort and encourage. God bless and thanks for reading.

  14. Amen bro I thank God for the grace He has given you and brother Lecrae to do what you brothers do. i am from South Africa and honestly if it wasnt for brother Lecrae and company’s ministry i wouldnt know of your ministry and the truth that it has revealed to me. Hence i totally agree Christianity is not about having piercings or tatoos or all that, i believe thats what you say in one of your songs; “Christ died for my sins and not for my dress code” and living in a country that is so bound to tradition, espessialy in the church, such revelations seem too foreign. but amen I believe God truly is working in those brothers and leading many to the truth, and though their methods do seem a earthly or fleshly at times all we can do is pray indeed for them. Grace and Peace to you my brother. May you never stop speaking the truth, the real and uncomplicated truth, in your music and in your lifestyle.

  15. This blog post is a lie point blank. Have you forgotten the compromise of the harlot church which is not his bride at all!? Did you forget Lecrae doing the Passion conference with contemplative new agers like Beth Moore and Lou Giglio? And was there repentance! No! This post disgusts me as it does the Lord Jesus! Most folks are singing the praise of Lecrae, not criticizing. Look at how many likes Lecrae’s posts get. Only a remnant speaks the truth to those like him. That which is highly esteemed in mans’ eyes is an abomination in the sight of God.


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