What can christians learn from openly gay Michael sam and Christian rapper Bizzle?

Recently Missouri Defensive Michael Sam has publicly come out before NFL draft day and pronounced he is gay and unapologetic. Sam was asked how was he going to handle the criticism and the negativity and he responded by saying he is who he is and people can say what they want. He is gay and proud. Last year Jason Collins was the first basketball player to officially announce he was gay. He received a call from president Obama about how courageous he is. The gay community has of course backed these two individuals and stand fully behind them. Its not that the gay movement is strong withing themselves rather there are many who aren’t gay who support them.

What does being gay have to do with the profession of sports? It has everything to do with it because even though its a job to many, people are realizing that our worldviews mean everything. Michael Sam wasn’t forced to admit being gay. Him coming out can possibly cause him to lose being drafted high in the NFL. His proclamation is that regardless of the consequences he wants the whole world to know gay is in and should be accepted as normal.
The homosexual community and its supporters seem to be taking every platform to push the gay agenda to the world. ESPN analyst Chris Broussard spoke out against homosexuality and what the Bible says about it on national TV and was heavily ridiculed and even called the donkey of the day by the breakfast club. He went on the breakfast club live and stood firm on his stance and the gospel, not wavering to the pressure of non believers. Even though his job is to cover sports, when it was time to speak out he spoke out and stood firm on the word of God. The gay community seems unashamed in pushing the sin of homosexuality so we as Christians should be even more unashamed of standing on Gods word and calling sin for what it is.
This brings me to my main point of why I felt led to write this blog. Christian rapper Bizzle released a response song to Macklemore’s same love track which is a song in support of same sex relationships. Bizzle responded by telling the homosexual community that comparing your sin to being African American is out of line. Because Bizzle has responded with truth from scripture many in the gay community have responded with slander, gossip and even death threats. Bizzle should rejoice in the fact that he is suffering for righteousness sake. Now many may question his motives or his wisdom in doing the song. Some may say just do music and may even suggest that he brought this on himself. I don’t know Bizzle nor do I claim to know his motives. All I know is what I see and I see a guy who reminds me of David before he slew Goliath. Who is this Philistine blaspheming our Lord? He has consistently opposed worldviews in music that contradict the bible.
In conclusion Bizzle and Chris Broussard are great examples of men standing for truth on the job. Bizzle is a rapper dealing with other rappers who contradict the word. What gay football player Michael Sam is doing is standing up for his worldview. We as Christians should stand up for ours even more because we have the only true worldview. My last thoughts are this. Where are the christian rappers with platforms that are standing with Bizzle? When Michael Sam and Jason Collins spoke out, celebrities on twitter, analysts and more publicly acknowledged their support. Let’s show our support for Bizzle, Chris Broussard and others who are less concerned with fame and more concerned about truth. Let us not be cowards and hide behind platforms or our jobs. Let us be men and women of God who are loving yet willing to defend and stand for truth. My name is Jovan Mackenzy I am a christian rapper and I stand with Bizzle and anyone else who stands on God’s word.


  1. I agree! 100%! We have to step up!

  2. I am with you! Why is it that the world gets using your platform but us Christians twiddle our thumbs? Use what God has given you, whatever that maybe!

  3. Great job bro! I agree 100% with your comment and I too stand with any bro/sis in the Lord Jesus Christ when it comes to taking a stand against unrighteousness.

    We don’t have to agree with EVERYTHING a person does in the body of Christ before we give our prayers and support for them. I pray that as I stand for truth, those who may differ or dislike me will do the same.

  4. Amen! Well said, well spoken! I say… “My name is Demaries Glaspie. I’m a Christian rapper and gospel artist and I rock with Bizzle BECAUSE I rock with Jesus Christ!”

  5. I Stand !

  6. Im standing!

  7. Amen, Jovan. I’m right there with you and all who stand upon God’s word.

  8. The Lord sayed we must bear each others burden so my brothers and sisters (JAMES 1 AND MATTHEW 5 ) im a christian rapper to ok peace

  9. My name is Justin Doss A.K.A J.Doss and I too am a Christian rapper/Singer that stands with these brothers! Keep the faith! Jesus is Lord!

  10. I stand with you fully on this.. God Over Everything

  11. Amen!! I STAND!!


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