Welcome to the new and fresh We decided to re-design the website and bring you a fresh experience. We recently migrated to a new host and decided that a complete redesign of the website from the ground up would be perfect timing and avoid a migration. We hope you like the new look, and have a great user experience browsing through the website. We thank you for your patience, as well as your time spent here. If you haven’t already downloaded the free music, be sure to jump over to the download section and grab that TRUTH music, it doesn’t cost you a thing, it’s CHRIST-centered, positive, uplifting, and is sure to add some good tracks to your music library.

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  1. Jovan, I really appreciate what you do. Its hard to find Christ centered music today, please continue to be vessel, as He wills you. I’ll be sending up petitions on you behalf that you be kept.



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